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Solar power generation 20-Year Sun Energy Engineering and Benefit of Future Generations. 

The photovoltaic power generation system can make use of the inexhaustible and endless natural energy to effectively relieve the demand contradiction in the power shortage areas and solve the living and communication problems in the remote areas. Improve the global ecological environment and promote the sustainable development of human beings.

Established in Germany, Innovosolar Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Innovosolar) is a professional power generation company which can integrate solar application products, project development and construction operation. Its business can cover the investment construction in the photovoltaic power station, solar user system, agricultural greenhouse and other photovoltaic power station projects.

Innovosolar considers "develop cleaning energy and benefit of human society" as the mission, keep a foothold in Shandong Province, make layout in the whole world, actively plan and promote the development and construction of photovoltaic power station project, as a result, which has established subsidiary companies and project departments in Shandong Province and other provinces for the sake of actively promoting the national intelligent microgrid photovoltaic grid power station projects in cities and towns, and realizing RMB 10 billion sales revenue in 2016.

Innovosolar hopes to join hands with you to create the brilliant future and use our heart and [positive energy] to enlighten your world.