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 Photovoltaic agriculture overview: In simple terms, the photovoltaic agriculture is a kind of new-type agriculture which can widely apply solar power generation to the modern agricultural growing, cultivation, irrigation, pest control and prevention, agricultural mechanical power providing and other fields.  
  The grid-connected power generation project of photovoltaic agricultural integration can combine solar power generation and modern agricultural growing with cultivation and high-efficient device agriculture, as a result, the solar photovoltaic system can utilize farmland to make low-cost power generation directly; Besides, due to the diaphanous property of thin film solar battery, the main illuminants as required by animals and plants growth can penetrate the thin film solar battery; In addition, the penetrable infrared light can store thermal energy and enhance the greenhouse temperature, therefore, it is good for the animal and plant growth in winter under the saved energy.
  The project will benefit the most advanced technology, experience and talents in the thin film solar energy, system integration, intelligent control technology, device agriculture, agricultural growing and other fields. Considering the grid-connected power station of thin film solar energy device agriculture integration as the core, the project is a kind of high-tech agricultural industry base which can integrate thin film solar power generation, agricultural photoelectron engineering application and promotion, modern agricultural growing, cultivation, processing and comprehensive utilization, agricultural growing and cultivation technology exchange and promotion, talent training, sightseeing agriculture, Lohas agriculture, agricultural product logistics and other functions.